Munro Women's Shoes

Delivering versatile style and plush comfort in a premier line of women’s footwear, Munro shoes for women are available in a wide range of sizes, narrow widths and wide widths, each pair proudly made in the U.S.A. From professional slip-ons and loafers to dressy ankle boots to casual lace-up shoes and sandals that are perfect for work or travel, Munro shoes offer stylish, easy-to-wear all-day comfort and fabulous fit. ...more (+)

Hike the urban landscape, or enjoy a leisurely tour through wine country, with the effortless style of Munro boots. Pair boots with dark jeans for a casual look that works at the office, or opt for sleek Munro booties to go with skirts and stockings or a powerful pants suit. Munro heels give you a boost for the day, especially when paired with palazzo pants or long trousers, and Munro flats let you keep it dressy without impacting comfort when you're on the go or continuously on your feet. Business travelers don't have to worry about arriving in inappropriate attire--Munro sandals and flats make it easy to navigate the airport, and still look polished. Munro loafers offer slip-on comfort and let you move easily from work or after-hour events to family life. Munro women's shoes are made by a family-owned American company with a commitment to stylish comfort. Every woman should feel great about her entire wardrobe, which is why Munro America offers shoes in specialty sizes and widths. Up to 75 combinations ensure every shopper finds gorgeous footwear that is kind to both her feet and her image. less (-)