Designer Info: VANELi

Designer Info: VANELi


VANELi bases its design upon two key factors: comfort and style.

Developed nearly 30 years ago by the Wolff Shoe Company, VANELi is an American brand that began as a domestic factory in Missouri. Still family owned and operated, the Wolff company is enjoying its 4th generation of family-run production.

By embracing Italian spirit, VANELi ensures that designs will be long-lasting. Features like rubber outsoles, padded footbeds and high-quality leather uppers are standard to each shoe. With an extensive collection of styles ranging from sandals to pumps, VANELi accommodates a wide range of customers.

VANELi is available in a vast range of sizes, 4-13, SS-WW. Arthur Beren is delighted to offer this line as a special online exclusive.