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S1 Socks

by Michael Toschi


Color Selected: Navy Fabric

  • S1 Socks by Michael Toschi
Black Fabric, $25.00
  • S1 Socks by Michael Toschi
Tan Fabric, $25.00

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About this product...
The S1 is a fully-shaped, fitted sock made from 60% micro-modale, a yarn that remains soft and silky and true to color even after numerous washings. The remaining 40% is a blend of cotton (20%), Polyammide (15%), and Elastam (5%). The sock has a webbed weave on the portion that covers the top of your foot for breathability. It's elasticized at the ankle and just below the knee (these are over-the-calf socks) so that you're not readjusting them all day. Engineered luxury.

- Fitted Dress Sock
- Beech tree based rayon and cotton blend
- Soft and durable material
- Breathable weave over the instep releases heat
- Elasticized in the right places to keep your socks where you want them
- Made in Italy, by Michael Toschi

Measurements & Ordering The Right Size

Shoe sizes vary by style—they run long, short, wide or narrow. We test fit size 8.5 shoes, and sometimes recommend ordering a larger or smaller size. Look for this information on any product page. (e.g. Fit: Runs long, buy a half size down.)
If one foot is larger than the other, always fit the larger foot.

The letters "4A", "3A", “2A”, "B”, or "C" below the sizes refer to the width of the shoe. The following chart explains the various widths Arthur Beren carries:

4A or SS = Extra Narrow
2A or N = Narrow
B or M = Medium (Standard)
C or D or W = Wide
2E or WW = Extra Wide

Fitting Tips

Get sized regularly by a professional, preferably using a Brannock device. It is important to measure the width of the foot and to take into consideration the type of arch you have.

Wear the right socks. Consider your plans and activities and wear the most breathable and absorbent socks or stockings for the occasion with the appropriate footwear. If going bare, keep clean and dry.

Check the construction. Look at the sole and heel of the shoe to see what kind of terrain the shoe is meant to handle. Also look inside to assess the lining and upper elements of the shoe, checking to see how they will address your needs. A leather lined shoe will generally last longer than one without lining, though the unlined shoe may be lighter and more appreciated in warmer climates.

Walk around. When trying on a new pair of shoes, always try on both pair and walk around a bit - always on a clean indoor surface of course. Flex your arch and toes to see if the shoes feel good while you move about. Try shoes on in the afternoon or evening. Feet swell to their largest as the day progresses, so you will get a better reading of your true size once your feet have warmed up to the day.

Some Specifics

Allow some time to break in a great pair of leather shoes--the best ones are a little tight in the beginning. By doing it right you’ll have shoes that are molded to your feet perfectly. See the How To Care tab for advice on proper shoe maintenance.

If the upper of the shoe is made of elastic or an elastic-blend fabric the shoe should fit snugly and need no breaking in. Shoes should never squeeze or cramp your toes.

If your shoes are slightly too loose in the in-step, a toe pad can be added to create a better fit, preventing any unnecessary friction.

For more heel and arch support or extra cushioning, consider custom fitted orthotic inserts, or even some gel inserts to target the problem.

Fitting Questions? Please call 1-888-400-2623 or email ''

Michael Toschi

Founded in 1997, Michael Toschi is the ultimate in Italian-made, fiercely comfortable men's shoes. The company has made its mark on the industry by combining key elements like style and quality with high-technology and superior construction.

Utilizing CIS-footbed (Carbonlite Ionet Suspension) technology to minimize impact and encourage foot placement and comfort, the Michael Toschi brand has been successful in filling a void in the men's luxury performance footwear market.

All designs are masculine and elegant, making them a contemporary favorite. Arthur Beren is pleased to feature a broad selection of Michael Toschi designs, including slip-ons, oxfords and boots.